“Everything we do, do it for Environment”

  • Try to make your Environment Clean
  • Help you to change this Scenario
  • Get rid of thisWorking Condition
  • We installed dust collector
    for 12 ton coal fired boilerSee zero Emission at chimeny
  • Our snap Band bag and Cage Installation
  • A - Pulse valve with solinoid coil
    B - Controller or Sequential Timer
    C - Bag Cage / D - Filter Bag
    E - Flexible Connection


Ruedo Engineering specialized industrial Air Filter manufacturing firm that provides best support in the tailor-made end-to-end solutions,

import substitute with better solution provider with the aim of ensuring authentic functionality of industry best dust collector product for application point of view. Companies’ early projections only focused on filter cage (Inner core) and conventional pulsejet type filter bag manufacturing after that filter cartridges element and Pleated Bag category. Now with commencement of the trade and advent technology we try to improvise our product range and launched the very first pleated filter bag with unique features for dust removal technology. Today Ruedo® filter elements set the recognized standard in industrial dust filtration. Our broad range of highest quality filter elements used effectively contribute in removing dust from industrial workplaces and thus in keeping the air more cleaner.

We ensure our product will give you emission level less than 40 mg/m3 in hot gas filtration with highest bag life and emission level less than 5 m3/m3 in general nuisance filtration also with highest bag life. Ruedo Engineering already make it footsteps in the outstanding service mark across the globe best on our high end services at Paper Mill ,Boiler flue gas filtration, detergent venting, silo venting etc

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Reudo has been consistently expanding and improving filter manufacturing and design engineering capabilities in order to meet the ever increasing demands of the industry. We are always researching new equipment, raw materials, and manufacturing techniques, which will help us make our filtration products better, faster and more cost-effective.

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  • Heavy duty/Rough and tough design
  • High End Product
  • Highest Efficiency
  • Designed for absolute performance
  • Best Technical Team Consultation
  • Designed for Application Engineering
  • Highest operating life
  • World best technology used
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Our Philosophy

Ruedo Engineering uses own state of art manufacturing facility to produce high end Bag Cage, Filter Bag, Pleated Bag, Pleated Cartridge, HEPA & Panel filter. Our filter design and manufacturing philosophy “Keep it rough and tough” has helped every OEM & INDUSERS to build their device that are unbeatable in their dust Control philosophy.

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Ruedo best Service Support Areas:

  • De-dusting system for Grinding, Crushing, Policing, Storing & Packing
  • Nuisance ventilation for Conveying process both pneumatic and mechanical
  • Dense phase, medium phase, lean phase pneumatic conveying with Forced draft and induced draft