“Everything we do, do it for Environment”


About Us

“ RUEDO ENGINEERING ” is located in eastern part of Kolkata city called New Town, near to NSCB international Air port, the most modern and develop zone of Kolkata. Ruedo means rotation or environment in Spanish language, Ruedo was formed on June 2008 after gathering world advanced filtration hypothesis and technologies, to develop our unique products.

After 12 years of hardworking, research trouble shooting and innovation, Ruedo Engineering is now a renowned name as “Quality first” . We are going to be in such level to serve the industries in unparallel way in India as per most modern, state of art world class concept.

We are high class technological corporation in developing, research, manufacturing, Saling and installing, Our products have been used in various field such as steel, tobacco, cement, Paper, pharmaceutical. We also exporting our product to Bangladesh and Srilanka.

We have our own state of art manufacturing facility to produce high end Bag Cage, Filter Bag, Pleated Bag, Pleated Cartridge, HEPA & Panel filter.

Our filter design and manufacturing philosophy “Keep it rough and tough” has helped every OEM & INDUSERS to build their device that are unbeatable in their dust Control philosophy

Ruedo Traits

The fallacy is there are several supplier in industry, there are lot of variety of product, all product have their own advantage and disadvantages but each looks identical. But Different problem, different solution for different requirement in industry. Still it is highly visible 95% dust collector installation are not functioning, no emission control, nothing in good operating conditions. The basic problem is improper dust collector design, improper workman ship and inefficient dust collector placement. The available dynamic parts used in dust collector are maximum not designed for particular performance

But in this scenario we challenge we know the detail application engineering solution for your particular requirement for the existing and for new system. Performance of dust collector should be , in general condition – emission level ‹40mg/m3 irrespective of micronic dust size, pressure drop ‹120mmwg, filter bag life more than 2 years without any maintenance

  • De-dusting system for Grinding, Crushing, Policing, Storing & Packing
  • Nuisance ventilation for Conveying process both pneumatic and mechanical
  • Dense phase, medium phase, lean phase pneumatic conveying with Forced draft and induced draft
  • Hot gas/Flue gas filtration for combustion, burning, processing, drying

Reudo Mission

Reudo is committed to our customers by offering them the experience of a reliable, dedicated team that strives to respond to their needs, meeting or exceeding their expectations. Our goal is to furnish our customer the solution that provides their organization the best value. We will not sell them something they do not need. It is our mission to get it right the first time and every time.

Reudo is committed to our vendors by working together to achieve the common goal of satisfying the end user of the product or service. They are partners in our mission to serve the customer. We not only expect, but require, the same responsiveness and dedication from our vendors that we offer our customers. We, in turn, are committed to being good stewards of the credit offered by our vendors and to repay our obligations in a timely manner.

Reudo is committed to our team members by offering a friendly, family-centered workplace. We require respect be shown for fellow team members across all levels and departments. We encourage dialogue for constant improvement. We focus on maximizing strengths and correcting weaknesses using leadership tempered with grace. We care about each other and support one another.

Reudo is committed to our community by supporting various organizations that seek to comfort and heal physically, psychologically and spiritually, those whose lives have been torn apart by circumstances out of their control. We encourage and support time away from work for our team members to support community service and to make a meaningful contribution to others.

Reudo Vision

To help protect the environment for future generations with innovative solutions in pollution control.

Reudo Values

  • Honesty :: There is truth, and then there is everything else.
  • Integrity :: To mean what we say and do with sincerity.
  • Respect :: To treat everyone we encounter as our neighbor.
  • Family :: To balance work and what it provides with the reasons why we work.
  • Faith/Belief :: To know our purpose and place in life.

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