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Filter Bag

Selecting high quality filtration material, thread from domestic and international market we manufacture the pulsejet filter bag. Top side constructions consist of ring top, flange top, snap top, soft cuffs or raw edge. Bottom side constructions consist of disc, re-enforcement to enhance more life of filter bag. Our special designed snap band is of international quality ensures the 100% leak prove and longest life spun without deforming the round shape after pressing those several times. We use 3- needle feed of the arm stitching machine named union special- Juki , 2-needle cylinder bed named PFAFF, 2-needle flat bed named PFAFF, We also do thermo –welded stitching in polyester, PP,& PPS Non woven needle punch heat set filter felt are generally of 400 GSM to 900 GSM fibers are PE (400 to 600 GSM), PP(500-550 GSM), Acrylic(500-600GSM), PPS(500 to 600GSM), Aramid (500 to 600GSM), P84(500 to 600GSM), Glass fiber(750 to 1000 GSM) etc. Surface finish as singed, calendared, silicon treated, water oil repellent, PTFE coating as well as PTFE membrane, special construction as antistatic and micro fiber in some fabric. For high temperature application we import goods from European origin. Different type of fixing arrangement for pulsejet type filter bag are shown bellow:

FEW Factors Affecting the Lifetime of Filter Bags:

Appropriate Filter Media Selection

Temperature, moisture level and chemical characteristics of air, as well as particle size, weight, shape, abrasive behavior, dust concentration, filtration velocity, cleaning style, emission concentration and working system of Baghouse should be considered for media selection. In general, needle felt bags are used in pulse jet Baghouse. Woven-fabric bags are used in section reverse flow or mechanical shake Baghouse(Attached Appendix2 for performance of different filtration media).

Reasonable Structure Design

The filter bag structure should meet the requirement of filtration and dust collecting in the corresponding baghouse. At the same time, it should be easy to install, have good sealing while having relevant filtration area and condition, and be easy to be cleaned with the least wearing. It should good fit to the related parts. For example, the Synthetic fabric bag for external filtration should have gap with cage, the fiberglass bag must cling to the cage of which the space between vertical wires are smaller than that of synthetic fabric bag cage. The bag tension has to be considered in internal filtration bag.

Excllent Sewing Skill
  • Advanced technology: The dimension of bag is up to the drawing. The shrinkage should be considered according to both working temperature and filter media.
  • Complete equipment: The stitch arrangement is reasonable. Neither skip stitch nor broken stitch is allowed. At the same time, the sewing thread meets the requirement.
  • All the accessories should be excellent and meet the requirement. In order not to damage the bag, any burrs or damaged parts will not be allowed.
  • No damage can be found in the whole bags, such as hole, slip yarn, stain etc. Appropriate package should be guaranteed. Neither damage nor damping can occur during shipment. In the meantime, heavy pressure on the glass-fiber bags or too long storage will affect the lifetime.
Method for external filtration style
  • Bag top and tube sheet hole should be sealed and fixed firmly.
  • Filter bag is suspended vertically under the tube sheet hole.
  • Adjacent bags cannot be collided with each other.
  • Filter bags must fit to the cages, which are straight without burrs.
Method for internal filtration style
  • Cap is installed on the top of the bag and suspended on the beam of the collector through the hang setting. The bottom should be sealed and fixed firmly.
  • The tension must be adjusted to a specified figure during installation to prevent the bag from falling down and loosing during work, and should be adjusted again after being used for the first week and first month.
  • All the accessories (Anti-collapse ring) should be well fitted each other. Neither burrs nor broken parts can be found.
Reliable and effective dust-cleaning

During work, dust area will rise gradually, with an increased pressure difference. So the pressure difference should be kept within a specified range by effective cleaning and peeling off the dust.

Avoiding unexpected abnormal conditions

Unexpected abnormal conditions should be prevented during the operation, such as steep rise in temperature, or invasion of corrosive air, or sudden fall to below dewpoint in air temperature etc. These factors can cause the change fo temperature, moisture, chemical corrosion, mechanical wearing or iMpact, which may damage the bags if exceeding their resistance

Equipment maintenance

Damaged filter bags should be discovered and replaced timely. The change of pressure dif ference of baghouse should be observed to eliminate troubles in dust cleaning and to check the normal operation of cleaning system. In addition, cleaning cycle or the working system of baghouse should be adjusted timely, if there are changes in the technical conditions of the cleaning system.

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